Chenille Patches

  • Custom embroidery patch made of twill fabric.
  • Available in heat cut border and merrowed border.
  • 50% coverage embroidery, 75% coverage embroidery, 100% full coverage embroidery available.
  • Available in standard embroidery thread; Glow in The Dark Thread; Neon Color thread; Metallic Thread Thread.
  • Available in Custom Shape and Size.
  • Various backing options Available.
  • Great idea for Military, Scout, Police, Fireflight, Sports, Events, Motorcycle and Bike.

Backing Options

Plain Backing

Plain Backing is also called sew on backing. You can have this patches sewn onto garments.

Iron On Backing

Iron on Backing is also known as Heat Seal Backing. We can add the patch applied on our garments via home iron.

Tape Backing

Tape Backing or Adhesive (Peel-and-Stick) Backing. You do not need any tools to apply our patch. Perfect for one time use occasions.

Hook Backing

Hook Backing or single Velcro. If your uniform or garment already has a loop fastener area,  this one will be great.

Hook and Loop Backing

Hoop and Loop Backing or Double Velcro: this backing have two velcros, this one is similar to hook backing except two velcro.

Pin Backing

You can change your pins from one occasion to another, this one would be a great option. It can be take on / off easily.

Custom Size & Shape

Border Options

  • Merrowed Border: We can use the embroidery thread color as the merrowed border color option, contrast color is available on this option.
  • Heat Cut Border: The heat cut border makes the complex design artwork available.

Difference Between Embroidery and Woven

  • Embroidery Logo is by embroidery thread sew on the base fabric like twill fabric, The embroidered logo will be raised.
  • Woven logo is by woven thread, the logo will be woven together with the fabric, the logo is part of the fabric. It’s smooth.

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